5 Facts About Short-Let Apartments

July 27, 2020by MeritAbode0

The term short let might sound foreign to a lot of people because it’s not so popular in Nigeria. So, what is a short let? Short-let rental describes furnished self-contained apartments that are rented for short periods; it could range from a week to a few months. These properties could be of any kind; studio apartments to a bungalow or a duplex.

Because this is not so rampant in Nigeria, not many owners are willing to be part of it. This may be because they are not adequately informed about the number of benefits they stand to gain. Below are a few reasons why short let apartments would always be a thing:

1. Short-term rentals make profits for owners and tenants: People go on vacations for an extended period leaving their properties vacant. These empty flats stay unused and bring you no added benefits. Renting out the building for a few months would make an extra source of income, and you would add almost nothing to it.

Tenants would rather rent a house for a week or two with all the comfort of a home than spending money in a hotel room, where they are left with just a fridge and a kettle. Short-lets cost less compared to hotels.

2. It is needed for flexible business travel: Traveling is not as used to because of the pandemic and the situation of the world. Ordinarily, when travelling for leisure or business, people would want to have a feel of home and need space. Everybody wants the home feel, whether on a business trip or for leisure. Let them have it while you make more money.

3. Your property is rented out precisely as it is: The renter and the homeowner have to have a free mind and come to an understanding. Your property is rented out almost exactly as it is. Tenants do not expect it to be perfect; you can add sofa-beds if the number of people is a lot.

4. Complete Peace of Mind for the Homeowners and Tenants: The idea of short let apartments is that it can be as hassle-free as possible and it provides homeowners with the peace of mind they need. You can choose to organise a cleaning company to prepare the property for the new tenant. This continues if it is a serviced apartment. If it is not, the apartment is cleaned again when the tenants leave. And in the meantime, someone is keeping an eye on your house in your absence. The amount paid for rent is dependent on some factor like the size, condition of the property and location.

5. It is a cheaper alternative to hotel Accommodation: Renting out spare rooms or an apartment to a traveller is a good option for many and more often than not, is a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation. The fantastic thing is that you get to enjoy the service of a hotel in a residential environment because some service apartments do offer shot let services. Paying far less than a hotel with the comfort of home added to it is defiantly a deal-breaker.

Several companies have made this process more comfortable and stress-free With just a few clicks, the booking and payment would be taken care off from anywhere in the world. You then also have your very own localhost to tap for knowledge on the area so you can find all the best places that aren’t generally in the tour guides on the website.

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