5 Quick Tips to Start Your Week Well

October 31, 2022by MeritAbode1

Whether you work for a company, your local government authorities, or you own your private business, at the end of the week, you surely desire a most  productive week. 

Indeed, nothing gives happiness like achieving set goals.

However, to experience the fulfilling emotion that comes with such rewarding accomplishments, you must start your week well. 

But how do you start your week well amidst the economic and societal discouragements many top nations are currently battling with? 

We have prepared these 5 quick tips to help you start your week well.

1.   Throw Out Your Diary of Past Disappointments

First, you must immediately throw out your diary of past disappointment. Past disappointments often cloud your vision and deny you the sight of the great things that lie ahead. 

Keeping record of past failures or unrealized goals will not in any way better you. That’s just why you have to throw it out.

Your goal this week as you rise from your lovely bed should be to get going, to learn from the mistakes of the previous week and once again shoot your shot at greatness. Never forget that!

2.   List Out Your Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve but relying solely on the tablets of your heart is never better than scribbling them in the line of a precious paper. 

Often, what you think you know you might later realize you do not until you pick up that pen. This is the mystery of human forgetfulness. 

It’s easy to assume you know, but it’s harder to pay for the consequences of not knowing.

List out your goals and commit yourself to achieving them. Tick them out daily and ensure you never lose sight of it. While you may attend to other impromptu tasks, learn to ascribe more of your time to meeting the weekly deadline of these set goals.

3.   Choose Consistency

It’s easy to lose focus in a society where there are lots of potential distractions; social media, phone calls, parties etc. Nevertheless, you must learn to pay the price by losing to gain.

Consistency simply means doing the same thing over and over again without getting distracted. Learn to follow through your planned week. Set out each day of the week to do the obvious  little bits until it makes a whole.

Remember the ants, as little as they are compared to several of their types, with consistent efforts, they get to store up their meals.

Consistency pays. Choose it!

4.   Seek Help. No One Knows it All

Do not be deceived by those who say you can achieve whatever you set your heart to achieve without any assistance. Man is designed to be dependent on each other. Each one of us needs the other.

Stop being timid when your success is at stake. Time is ticking fast. Faster than the ease the clock makes us feel. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is just a few hours away.

Look out for some of your set goals requiring better hands; maybe an extra hand. Then think of that friend, family, or colleague who answers all the questions coming to your mind. Put a call through. Enlist his or her help!

5.   Plan to Celebrate Achievements

Stop seeking to be motivated! 

Motivation of a truth is the push of every soul. But often people fail to achieve set goals. Why? Lack of self-motivation.

Research has shown people fail to achieve set goals as a result of failure to plan to celebrate achievements. While you may think little wins are nothing to celebrate, you are hurting yourself and dampening your eager-spirit.

Ensure that you plan to celebrate achieved weekly goals. A day out with friends during the weekend may be best for you. It could be sitting at home in the company of loved ones. Maybe seeing a movie at a cinema in town. Just celebrate it!  


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  • Sarah Abraham

    October 31, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    Wow this is amazing very informative.


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