5 Reasons You Should Buy a House in Raining Season

July 24, 2020by MeritAbode0

Real estate experts have established that the best time to search for a home is during a rainy season. More often than not, the pictures of the home you are looking to purchase is viewed under perfect weather conditions; the sun is shining and reflecting so beautifully on the house. At that moment we want to go all out and buy the home because it looks so picture perfect.

There is no perfect season for house scouting, but it is advisable to have an understanding of the property in all weather conditions, be it a sunny day or rainy day. Because it would reveal the flaws of the property, you are looking to invest.

Still not sure if you should go out during the wet, cold day to buy a home? Below are five reasons to buy a home in the rainy season.

1. Quality of the Roof: By buying a home during a raining season, you don’t have to be caught unawares when a room in your home begin to leak. Heavy rainfall reveals the flaws of the house like the poor roofing; you can confirm if it leaks or not. You can inspect the ceiling to see wet patches. The roof tiles might have broken, or lose its end; you can only get to see this after a rainfall.

2. Drainage System: Explore the situation of the location before putting your money into a property. Heavy downpour tends to reveal the real conditions of the drainage system around the home. Paying close attention to the level of flooding’s around the hose would save you a lot of money and stress of having to search for another property.
Below are the factors we should check after raining:

• Is there trash in front of the home when it rains or a people filling the drainage systems with trash?
• By checking the foot of the wall, you can see the watermarks the flood left on the foot of the wall if there are any.
• Avoid buying homes in sloppy areas. In a specific location, there could be different slop, so the water will surely drain to the lower slope. If your house is located on a lower slope, you should re-consider your purchasing.

3. Quality of the housing material: Under normal weather conditions, we tend to see new building as very beautiful and nice. Most times under harsh weather, these qualities tend to differ from what they looked like in the dry season. It is advised to have a look at the property you intend to buy after a rainfall to see if it sticks to the quality.

In the next 2 to 6 years, a building can diminish in quality, but this is a very long time if you choose to purchase it immediately purchasing, Pay attention to the doors, window paintings an electrical pillars after a downpour before investing in a wrong location

4. The House Condition and Extra Features: Inspecting a house after it rains is an idea not many people like or do not have the opportunity of doing. You can ask your potential neighbours or a real estate agent some vital questions about the property concerning community regulations, electricity supply. Avoid buying a home below sea level, if you can’t tell what a sea level talks to experienced real estate agents

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