Do you hate where you live, here is what you need to know

March 11, 2022by MeritAbode0

Every year millions of families leave areas familiar to them to new homes that don’t suit their individual needs and interest. This could be as a result of housing supply shortages, skyrocketing home values or affordable properties. Whatever the reason, it all boils down to one thing, people move.

Gone are the days when extended families lived in a central location just to remain close to the family circle, the popular trend for the past decades has been people either leaving their home to go study, taking up new employment in countries far different from the ones they grew up in.  Interestingly, technology makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones without feeling disconnected as a result of distance.

However, there are still plenty of people who feel stuck, isolated or suddenly hate where they currently live.

The question then is why do people feel unhappy with their present location? 

Most of the time people stay put despite their inklings of dislike because they have no alternative. They live where their job is, or live where their ailing parents are, so they stay stuck. If you are married and hate where you live, chances are you stay because of kids. Maybe, you do not want to take them to a new school or disrupt their friendship. You might stay because you have no idea how to start afresh. Sadly, some stay and blame their unhappiness on external factors that exist in their environment.

In many homes, couples choose where to live which can leave the other party resentful. If you live in your husband or wife’s hometown, and you feel you don’t fit in, you will start to see the negative side of everything in such area which could mar your relationship with your spouse.  

Here’s one thing, changing where you reside doesn’t necessarily change who you are, Most of the people who hate where they live or feel like they don’t belong there, won’t feel any better by changing their area. The problem isn’t outside of us but within us. We have a choice to seize the day or allow it to seize us, no matter where you live if you find things wrong with the people, heavy traffic, bad roads, bad drainage system, schools etc. you will likely go through the same experience in the future. 

Before you leave, give it another thought. Research your interest and try to find like-minded people in that area who share the same belief as you and make friends with them.  Like a popular saying humans are not confined or defined by where we live.


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