Essentials to look out for when buying a home

August 21, 2020by MeritAbode0

Buying a home is exciting, but it can be stressful and scary as you make your way through choice, inspection, approval and paper works. With the pandemic raging on and a very gloomy economic outlook coupled with the retrenchment of workers by most firms and controlled economic activities, you need to look beyond the cosmetics to know what you are really in for. Paints, change of lightings, fixtures, a little touch on floors, etc., are some of the things sellers do to mask the actual state of their property and make it look better than it is. To help make the process less stressful, here are some essentials to look out for.

1. Determine the deal breaker and how much you can give for it: An extra bedroom, a wide balcony, running water, a big dining room for a family gathering, etc.; maybe what you want the most. Decide on the most amounts you can pay to have these ideals.

2. Check out the neighbourhood as well as the exterior of the house: Is the environment tranquil or noisy. I bet you wouldn’t want an area where twenty-four hours of the day you are struggling with a headache. Also, check to be sure that the building is in an area that is prone to flood or wildfire. Nobody wants to have to look for an alternative whenever it rains or live in an area where your house may just be consumed by fire. If there are fences, are they rightly positioned and a part not already fallen? Be sure to notice a stench of any kind emanating from sewages, gas, a leaky pipe, or anything with an unpleasant odour. Is the foundation solid? Is the wiring standard? Are there leaking roofs? These are some questions you should answer.

3. Do a plumbing check: Look for water damage concealed by paint. Check the kitchen sink, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen pipes, taps, the walls of the kitchen and bathroom, Etc; and be sure that they are all in good shape.

4. Check ownership history: Just like an employer recruiting all the time is a warning sign to applicants, a home with high turnover is a serious warning sign. Think about it, if a house is so good, why do people always have to give up ownership repeatedly?

5. Ventilation: This is the system in a building that brings about fresh outdoor air and removes the contaminated indoor air. Ventilation helps maintain temperature and humidity at comfortable levels, reduces potential fire or explosion hazard and removes or dilutes airborne contaminants.

6. Inspect the property thoroughly: Some sellers promise incentives in the event that property inspection is waived. Why waive inspection if there is nothing to hide? Always carry out a series of inspections on whatever property you are buying because it is your leverage to get out of a deal or negotiate your price lower. Technology has made this very possible, your distance from the property location notwithstanding. Denial of access to inspect certain sections of the house until payment is made is a red flag too.

Always take your time to inspect a home properly before buying. You can contract the inspection to a professional who is versed in home construction and remodelling. Also, carefully read all title documents on the property. The seller is obligated by law to provide these. Do ask questions in areas you aren’t clear. It’s your money, and you should enjoy value for it.

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