A duplex is a modern building structure that has been fast-rising in Nigeria, with individuals and families adopting the structure to make a home. Truth be told, a duplex is appropriate to live in because of its unique design and structure, giving necessary space to everybody that resides in the building. For people looking to purchase, build or rent a home, finding somewhere spacious is always their priority. Well, a duplex is the perfect solution. So if you are searching for a home where you can get space, either to live with your family or your friends, you should really consider choosing a duplex.



A duplex is residential building divided into two separate living units. These units share a common wall are usually stacked on top of each other or side by side. The interior layouts of the two units are identical and have a shared wall. Duplexes are usually spread over two floors, with these floors separated by connected by an internal staircase.

If you are willing to build, buy or rent a house in Nigeria, there are some factors that could influence your decision to consider a duplex as a choice. These conditions can assess whether a duplex is a good fit for you and they include:


1. Affordability

Duplexes are typically expensive in Nigeria. They cost more than the regular apartments and if you are thinking of going for a duplex, your budget should be on the high side. However, depending on the quality and design you are considering building your duplex as, the budget may vary differently.


2. Preferences & Needs

Your Preference greatly decides if you should choose a duplex. As mentioned earlier, your need for space can be a reason to build a duplex home. If you live in a duplex home, I can guarantee you that you get your privacy. Also, if you are an individual with a taste for luxury and sophistication, you might want to consider a duplex. Duplexes are highly sought-after by people who want to live on the high side and doesn’t want to go for a regular type of building. If you are one fits this lifestyle, you know what to do.

3. Condition of the Property

This applies you if you want to buy a house and a duplex is among your options. Assess the houses you are buying properly. When examining the duplex house, make sure you check the condition of the property thoroughly. Assess the building foundation, the structure and design, and if it is to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Consider these factors to know whether or not you should decide on a duplex.


Duplex Vs Two-Story Building

While a duplex refers to a two-story building structure, it is important to note that not every two-story building qualifies as a duplex. They are however both divided into two seperate living units, with a duplex design structure having both floors internally connected by the stairs. This feature uniquely distinguishes a duplex from other types of two-story buildings.

In Nigeria, duplexes are usually owned by a single owner, therefore, they are not tenant friendly. Since the stairs separating the floors are inside the house, renting the duplex separately as two different apartments might not work out. The structure of a duplex is not tenant friendly as the resident staying in the upper floor might be a disturbance to the other resident on the lower floor, or vice versa. So, duplexes are best given out on rent completely or basically just sold.

Advantages of a Duplex
  • Duplexes are generally accommodative. With its spacious nature, its easy for a large family to move and live in freely, accommodating them all.
  • A duplex offers more financial flexibility for both buyers and renters. By renting out a portion of the property, the owner can recoup some of the mortgage interest, instead of owning the entire property alone.
  • A duplex house offers an excellent solution for joint families seeking to live together while maintaining privacy.


Disadvantages of a Duplex
  • Duplexes are potentially more expensive.
  •  A duplex offers more maintenance responsibilities than living in a regular apartment.
  • Duplex residences are uncommon in Nigeria, so finding one may limit your options.


Now that you know this much about a duplex, you should consider choosing Sapphire Court Bedroom Duplexes (Detached & Semi-Detached) as your next home option!

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