As you eagerly await the delivery of your new home, there’s much to contemplate about the transition.

While we often perceive tasks like packing and unpacking as the primary hurdles to settling in, it’s the post-move actions that truly shape your experience.

Becoming acquainted with your new residence, understanding its functionalities, and prioritizing projects are integral aspects of assuming your homeowner role. To streamline your agenda, we’ve compiled a concise list of five essential tasks for when you move into your new abode.

Below, you’ll find key points to help you strategize. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to relax, toast to your new beginnings, and relish in the comfort of your new home.


Conduct a Thorough Walkthrough:

Seize the opportunity to inspect your new dwelling thoroughly while it’s empty. This includes verifying:

Completion and satisfaction of all standard fixings.

Documentation of any noted issues in the Client’s checklist.

Functionality of all utilities such as outlets, switches, and fixtures.


Childproof (if Necessary):

If your household includes young children, prioritize initial childproofing measures to ensure their safety until you establish a comprehensive setup.


Plan Placement:

Instead of improvising, save time and hassle by devising a plan for arranging your belongings. This is especially crucial for bulky items like furniture. While you may tweak arrangements later, having a basic layout in mind will facilitate the process.


Confirm Utility Setup:

Notify the Facility Management Company of your move-in date to ensure timely utility connections. On the day of relocation, verify the electricity and water connections. Additionally, ensure registration on the Facility Management App for access to estate-related services.


Update Your Address:

Don’t overlook the importance of officially updating your address for documentation purposes. Notify relevant entities such as banks, utility providers (DSTV, Internet), and subscription-based services to avoid disruptions.


By attending to these vital tasks, you’ll pave the way for a smoother transition into your new home, setting the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.


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