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May 25, 2022by MeritAbode0

When you think you’ve seen it all, then we come up with something new.

That’s exactly who we are as an organization. We are always on the lookout for better ways of serving you.

Here is our untold story of how we conceived and birthed our housing project designed to help you live comfortably when you come home for vacation.

It all started with YOU.

Yes! We never stop thinking about you. Why? We wake each day doing business just for you.

This is it!

We set out to translate imagination to reality. As expected, we thought of you again. To meet your specific needs. To never take our eyes off you.
We took to building two and three-bedroom apartments with all the luxury and comfort ever available. You see, we choose you over and over again.

Sapphire Courts is your dream in reality.

How does it feel when your dream locates you? Amazing you say. yes, it’s like a vacation in a haven.

So, meet up with your reality as we will be bringing our housing units to you this June. Missing out is a treasure thrown into the ocean. Be there!

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