The Name Tells of its Uniqueness; Sapphire Courts

November 30, 2022by MeritAbode0

The name of a person reveals his identity, the name of a place, tells you what it represents.

Sapphire Courts, Mowe Ofada, is a tastefully built 2 bedroom semi detached and 3 fully detached bungalow planned to provide over 200 housing units to both Nigerians abroad and the many Lagos residents seeking a peaceful ambience to call home. 

Unlike the many so called estates with no plan for her residents, Sapphire Courts prides itself as the very future of modern estates in Nigeria.

Far more than just building a house to lay one’s head, the standard and durability of these semi-detached and fully detached bungalows which make up Sapphire Courts, Mowe Ofada are undoubtedly obvious for everyone to see.

The Grand Vision of Sapphire Courts

What could be the reason for such a grand project as this? What exactly spurred us to such a laudable commitment?

Sapphire Courts evolved from a passion to create a community where there is a perfect mix of luxury and affordability. A ravaging passion as to solving a basic human problem – shelter. It is a move from the core of what binds us all (humanity) with the aim of bringing the much needed relief away from the noise and stress associated with Lagos daily human activities. 

Sapphire Courts gifts you all you ever need in form of amenities

All you ever need in the form of basic amenities is exactly what makes Sapphire Courts the right choice for you. Should these amenities below cross your mind, don’t worry anymore. Just go for it!

  • Private security 
  • CCTV cameras 
  • 24/7 solar power supply
  • Medical centre 
  • Day care centre 
  • Estate maintenance 

Sapphire Courts surrounds you with several iconic places

When you think of being at the centre of it all, then Sapphire Courts puts you right at that privilege spot. Apart from famous religious worship centres, this estate is closely knitted with the world itself. Some of the places to take note includes:

  • Redemption camp
  • Magboro community 
  • Trinity school
  • Unilag estate 

Now is the perfect time to secure yours as the property is appreciating in value and the prices may go up. Take the smart move!

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