To Build or Buy Your Home? This is The Best Advice Ever

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Buying a home is the best. Oh! No. It’s better to purchase a piece of land and build from scratch. It’s fun watching a fallow land take up a new shape – become something out of nothing. Yes! The engineer is trained and possesses enough experience, but you must be there to see exactly what he is doing. You must be sure it aligns with your specifications. These contractors can’t be trusted!

But come to think of it. Just for a minute.  Are you not mistaken here? Buying a home cannot ever be compared with building a house. In fact, You must be dreaming. Do you have the time to monitor a project? You are always busy at work or with business. Moreover, the Lagos traffic worsens the case. You can’t imagine being stuck in traffic for hours all to get to a construction site.

Look! You need to wake up from this dream. What exactly is the essence of this conversation? This won’t get you anywhere. It’s nothing but a waste of time. You do not have the information necessary to aid wise decision-making. It’s high time you sought credible information.

Hey! Does that sound like you? Maybe hours, days, or months ago before you came across this. It was you engaging in an unconscious debate. To buy or to build? To build or to buy?  

There are a few issues you must consider if you find yourself in this normal human dilemma.


Lest you forget, the decision to build or buy is entirely yours to make. However, it is our duty to ensure, in this written piece, that you make the right choice. Plans, needs, aspirations, and finance are not the same for everyone. Hence, this article is specifically written to guide your thoughts.

Some of the issues to consider in deciding to build or buy your home includes:


Finance, to a very large extent, must be put into consideration as you ponder on the possibility of building a home or buying one. No one knows you better than you do. Likewise, no one understands your financial stand but yourself. Hence, it is wise to consider your immediate financial strength when planning to buy a home. 


How much of your present funds can you ascribe to securing a home from a vendor in such a way that you are still able to meet up with other financial obligations? Amazingly, MeritAbode Nigeria Limited offers people hoping to buy a home an opportunity to make installmental payments within a stipulated period.

On the other hand, building a home may be the right choice if you find that the estimated financial cost is not achievable at the present. This is due to the fact that building a home gives you all the freedom to relax and expend funds based on availability per time.

Several people buy a piece of land and gradually undergo the construction process at the pace of their pockets. Often, they experience peace of mind and are mostly under no financial pressure.


Quality determines the level of recognition and acceptance every human enjoys. It prevents future unplanned costs and catastrophes.

Whether you are planning to buy a home or build one, you must understand the role quality plays in that decision-making endeavor. For instance, In ensuring the quality of the house intended to be home for you and your precious family, you might want to keep track of the materials used in its construction. 

This accounts for why several people prefer to build their homes rather than buy them. The fear is that the quality of what is presented can not be easily deciphered.

However, several others decide to buy a home as they believe experts with the right technical know-how must have been hired in its construction. This is true in many cases, though not all. While it is proven that laymen do not possess the skills and knowledge these professionals have, one must still take the right decision as it may be relating to his or her peculiar situation.


Another issue to consider when deciding to buy a home or build one is the location in question. You might think, what has location got to do with this decision? A lot! The location should be taken into serious consideration to avoid situations that may be averted at the initial state.

Building a home often provides you the rare opportunity to have a holistic examination of the environment where your landed property will be located. This is because such constructions usually take time to actualize. Hence, at this stretch of time, you have ample time to relate the land composition in determining whether such an area is prone to flood or other geographical defects. 

Buying a home, may not, in totality, provide you with such opportunity as described above. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that no investor will invest his hard-earned money in developing homes in swampy environments or areas prone to flooding which may hamper his investments.

Likewise, there are certain locations in which you may not find that plot of land to build your dream home. Based on your specific desired location, you may have to patronize developers who have invested in such an area years before and are busy constructing housing units for sale.   


Every man’s circumstance, taste, and specifications are unique. Therefore the decision to buy or build a home remains the exclusive choice of such a man and cannot be generalized. However, the issues discussed above are crucial in guiding your thought process and ensuring you take the right decision.


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