Affordable Housing In Nigeria: All You Need To Know

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is currently facing a significant housing challenge. With an estimated housing deficit of around 17 million units, there is a need for affordable housing solutions. This blog focuses on affordable housing, and why is it so important for the country’s development. Here’s an overview on affordable housing in...

Why Investing In Land Is Your Path To Financial Success And Grounded Wealth.

  Investing in land can indeed be a prudent financial decision for several reasons: Low-Maintenance: Land typically requires minimal upkeep compared to other types of investments like rental properties or stocks. Once you’ve purchased it, you generally won’t have ongoing maintenance costs beyond occasional upkeep like mowing grass or clearing debris. Definite Appreciation: Historically, land...


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Meritabode is a real estate company that specializes in sites and services-sales of plots of land, construction of affordable housing estate development in Nigeria.

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