How to build a 3-bedroom bungalow on a tight budget

For many Nigerians, budget and the high cost of building material is one the major reason why the home buyer has put their dream of living in their own house on hold, while others have had their hopes dashed after several years of saving in the bank only for inflation to reduce the value of their money. 

This is not to dismiss homeownership as an impossible mission for some class of individuals, interestingly, there are ways to build and own a home on a small budget in Nigeria, except your dream house is an expensive one like the multi-level homes. But if you plan to build a low-cost modern single storey like bungalow with benefits such as accessibility, flexibility, affordability and low maintenance then this article is your guide to becoming a landlord in Nigeria. 

Here’s my thought, why don’t you start with a low-cost modern single storey like the one featured here, this could be your chance to live in your home rather than paying rent and waiting for God’s time for your bank account to become bigger. 

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How to build a 3-bedroom bungalow on a tight budget

This is an affordable house design that can be built on a low budget with less expensive building materials. It comes with a 125 square meters floor area, 3-bedroom and 3 bathrooms a perfect choice for a single occupant or newlywed couple. It has a living room, dining room with an exquisite kitchen.

Floor Plan

This is the floor plan of the house design above. 

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