Work From Home: Creating A Productive Workspace In Your Home

June 20, 2024by MeritAbode0

Work from home is fast becoming a norm in the corporate world after the Covid pandemic.

Management of organizations have realized employees can still maintain productivity outside of the mandatory office space. And this has helped many organizations to manage the cost of running physical office spaces.

Many employees find it more efficient to work from home as they can be more productive without the stress of commuting. However, this is not the case for some employees, working from home can be a struggle. They are distracted by clustered home space and a lot of other activities.

The best way to deal with this is to create a separate workspace out of your home space. This will allow you to concentrate on your work and be more productive with your work hour.

After reading this blog post, you will understand how you can create and maintain a workspace out of your home.


What Is A Workspace?

A workspace is a physical setting used mainly for work, it could either be in an office or at home. Workspaces are created just so individuals can maintain a balance between their work and other activities outside of it.


Types Of Workspace

There are various types of workspace depending on individuals or organizations. They include but are not limited to:
-Coworking space
-Home workspace
-Serviced workspace
-Flex workspace
And many more..

Simple Steps To Creating A Workspace At Home
1. Pick A Location

This is the first and most important aspect to creating a personal workspace out of your home. You might choose a space with less distraction and more natural light and air, probably by window.

You can paint or design the space to fit your style and set the mood for working. This space will be dedicated for your work hours and will help you create balance between office and home duty.


2. Work Equipment

It is best to invest in appropriate equipment such as an ergonomic desk, filing cabinet, office chair, power socket, phone stand, etc. These equipment give your workspace the setting it needs and the support you need to work comfortably. A comfortable workstation helps prevent cramps from sitting for a long period. You can also get other things such as wallpapers, scent diffuser, frames, music speakers to liven up your workspace.


3. Space Zoning

This is very important to help you efficiently utilize and manage the little space you created. You can create sections for different activities or work tools to avoid having a cluttered workspace.
This will let you have an organized space and easy access to what you need whenever you need it. With an organized workspace, you can reduce distractions.


4. Define Your Work Hours

To manage distractions that come from working at home, set a work plan to help you manage your hours. Make a list of important tasks that are of high priority, and tasks that require less time to work on. This way you will be able to effectively use your work hour and implement your task without wasting time.


5. Set Break Hour

Breaks between work is important to prevent burnout and cramp from sitting for too long. You can decide to take short breaks at regular intervals or one break per day during your work hour. However, it is important that you maintain the break hour you set so you do not get distracted by other activities.



Working from home does not have to be difficult as long as you can be organized and determined about it.

First, ensure you manage your home workspace like you would the one in your office. Keep all files locked away in the appropriate cabinet to prevent missing or soiled files.

Most importantly, keep a clutter-free workspace, this will give you the free space you need to work efficiently.

Be strict and consistent with your work hours, draw up a schedule, inform your family about it if you do not live alone. This will help you prevent distractions that might come from them.

You will not always have to work outside of your work hours when working from home as long as you can manage your time.

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