Buying a home can generally be an overwhelming process due to the need for a tour on various properties and influx of options before finally choosing the one. As a home buyer, It is important to have an idea of what you want so it’s easy to make a choice.

Realtors across Nigeria understand that sometimes potential clients might need to purchase a property without being physically present which is why a detailed procedure to keep such client happy and meet his/her need is usually adopted.

Though home buyers are usually encouraged to be physically present and check out properties they intend to buy before making a purchase, there are lots of considerable factors that might lead a prospective home buyer to purchase a property virtually like emergencies, personal preference or even

For instance; you are in Lagos but you are looking to purchase a property in Calabar and you might be left with no choice but to make a virtual purchase.
Purchasing a property virtually can leave you feeling dissatisfied and asking the ‘‘what if” questions, it is important to take a few measures before making an offer so as to pick out the perfect property that would best suit your preference.
Now the question is what are the important measures to take?

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Use trusted resource, research and find an agent near you, evaluate their real estate experience, make sure they know your local real estate market, check their real estate agent’s track record, learn about their customer service.


Your next step should be getting preapproved for a mortgage which also stands to show the seller that you can afford the property you intend to buy then make your offer. Pre-approval means a lender has looked at your financial background and determined how much home you can afford. Getting preapproved can also save you valuable time by identifying how much you can afford so you can target
your home search to your budget level


As a virtual home buyer, your best shot is picture, lots of it. Request for current and fresh pictures, videos either through descriptions, facetime, video tours and social media apps for a clearer view of the property provided by your real estate agent or broker. Make sure it’s what you want, ask the necessary questions you need to ask as well as enquiries. Your next step should be getting an approval for a mortgage which also stands to show the seller that you can afford the property you intend to buy then make your offer.

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If after a virtual tour and the property matches your choice, you and your broker reach an agreement and sign a contract, you can have the property professionally inspected. Home buyers are also advised to ask available local friends and family to take a look. If after inspection, the property does not meet your expectation, the  agreement and contract can be dissolved but if otherwise remains the case, the deal becomes sealed.


The home buying closing would be a virtual one. In a virtual home buying closing, the identities are verified virtually and all documents are signed electronically. It is done at the convenience of your space, given the fact that E-closings are much faster and easy, make clarifications, ask questions and know what you bring to the table.

To sum it up, thanks to modern technology, purchasing a home virtually is becoming an accepted and achievable fit but it has very much possible to find, tour, finance and close on a home virtually anywhere in the country.

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